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Our Board of Directors


Beatrice Haas


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Every great organization has a big heart behind it and none are larger than that of Beatrice Haas. As President for the charity, her work has always been focused on helping those that need help the most - children.

Ann Carolin

Ann Carolan

Board Member

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Running a charity takes a savvy business leader and a passion for caring for others. Ann Carolan from Equity Settlement Services, Inc. dedicates her time to helping Jacie's Kids reach the business community to raise awareness and resources for the charity & the kids that it serves.

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Robert Mehran, Jr.

Board Member - Legal Counsel

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Robert Mehran, Jr. is the Founding Member of Mehran Law, PLLC. Having a bona fide charity means staying in compliance with various laws that govern philanthropic organizations. Robert Mehran is an attorney with a heart of gold that focusses on the important legal elements that need to be considered as you run a charity.

Mary Mancini

Mary Mancini

Board Member - Finance

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As a 5013C making sure that your financials are always in good order and that your donations are coming in and going out to needy kids is critical. With a life-time of banking experience, Mary Mancini helps Jacie's Kids stay financially healthy and ready to help.

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Steve Kent

Board Member

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Steve has worked in IT for 32 years, owned an education business, and now owns a full service financial brokerage.  He is also on the board of directors of a 501c(3) company focused on assisting veterans re-enter the workforce. 

He is a father of two amazing children and is an avid ice hockey fan.  Steve holds a BBA in Accounting and an MBA in Information systems, both from Hofstra University.

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