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The Transformative Power of Giving in the New Year

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

January is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Turning over a new leaf with more charitable actions has the power to transform not just your life but also the lives of those receiving your generous donation. We have the power of choice, to make the world a better place and you can do that with the power of giving. When we commit to being more generous and giving, we contribute to something bigger than ourselves. We not only better ourselves, we better our world.

When people give to others our brains light up in the areas of pleasure, social connection and trust. Altruism can literally release endorphins, creating pleasant positive feelings. Some studies even hint that volunteering can extend your lifespan! When we give to others, we create a beautiful ripple effect, spreading kindness farther than we can even imagine. When you give to an organization like Jacie’s Kids, the effects of your donation are felt far and wide.

Your generous donations have helped countless families on Long Island as they struggle with the devastating effects of childhood cancer. The child pictured to the right (center) and her family found themselves having to go for cancer treatments 5x a week with costly deductibles, parking fees and endless care costs. The burden was tremendous but with the power of giving, donations helped them minimize this financial hardship so they could focus on making it through the long battle with childhood cancer.

Another family’s life was transformed from the power of giving when they received donations to help with financial costs as their daughter battled cancer and faced a leg amputation. Their daughter is a ballerina and now is continuing her passion for dancing as she heals from her life changing surgery and treatments. Feeling supported and seen, helped this family overcome a devastating time in their lives.

Start this year off with the power of giving to transform not only your mindset but the lives of others.

Follow Jacie’s Kids on Facebook for more inspirational stories on the power of giving. And remember, donating any amount goes a long way in helping fund cancer research.

Please share this blog and if you feel like giving or becoming a corporate sponsor, we’d love to speak to you about how you can invest some time, talents or a donation to help our organization at  When you do, it means the world to “our” kids and their families!  For more information about Jacie’s Kids, or to speak to our team about opportunities within the organization, contact us at or call Beatrice Haas at 516-242-1564. Thank you all!

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